Wao, God talking with the argentins !!!

La publicidad en Twitter da buenos resultados


Hace cosa de un mes Twitter lanzó sus tweets patrocinados, y las primeras marcas que apostaron por el nuevo programa publicitario de la red social de microblogging aseguran que ya están viendo resultados.

Virgin, Bravo TV y Red Bull, algunas de las primeras que ya usan Twitter con fines publicitarios, afirman que han obtenido un retorno de la inversión más rápido de lo que esperaban.

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DOLCA suave by Nescafe

A serie of tv spots directed to the mother and the father. The company want to talk about the patient that have to take the parents with your child. Really good spots, i like it!!

Ja ja ja, sonrei, ahhh el dragoncito … !

Pd: … dos meses, COMPLETOS!!!

Jajajaja, that´s true!!

The new controvertial advertisemente by givenchy!!

Are guys or girls???

Wao, more and more tv spots giving faith and hope to a fanatic and patriotic country!!

That’s pasion!!


MESSI pepsi, Argentina!

This is passion, this is love for a country.

"Vamos  vamos Argentina, vamo a ganar  …"

The passion for one sport, the passion of one country, begining.


Life´s too short for the wrong job !!!

mmm I don´t know, what i think about this tv spot.

jaja the conclution of Cristina Kirchner, Argentina president.


Frank Uyttenhove photography

 peugeotttttttttttttt for the best.


Frank Uyttenhove photography

 peugeotttttttttttttt for the best.